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Vehicle Wraps Vs. Billboard Advertising

Marketers spend countless hours crafting classified ads to seize their target audience’s eye – and choosing the right medium may be tough, mainly within the out-of-domestic advertising market. 

Billboards and vehicle wraps share among the same benefits of advertising: they are both important, usually muddle unfastened, and quite a whole lot perform within the same style. In the grand scheme of things, they do vary and will generate particular kinds of benefits for your business. 

Billboards are advertisements that are located alongside roadways and concentrated in strategic locations. Vehicle wrap advertising is a method of placing an ad graphic over a vehicle, converting your method of transportation to mobile advertising billboard. 


Billboard Advertising

  • In contrast to vehicle wrap marketing, you may effortlessly change your advertisement with billboards. You are not limited on the changes for certain types of digital billboards.
  • properly-designed billboard can simply pop while driving on a toll road or via a distinctly urbanized metropolis. 
  • Billboards are much larger than vehicle wraps. Therefore, they are more suitable for creating awareness through congested streets and high-traffic times, as they provide a more visually appealing commute for drivers. 
  • In contrast to vehicle wraps, billboards are on the road 24/7. 
  • Billboard advertisement cost will vary based on the location. The more traffic areas that will generate the most leads will be a much higher price compared to a location with an adequate amount of traffic. 


Vehicle Wrap Advertising 

  • Vehicle wraps tend to be brighter and remain longer. 
  • Vehicle wraps, allow more flexibility and accountability with who sees your advertisement. This gives the option to pick unique locations to park your vehicle for greater particular geographic targeting. 
  • Similar to the points above, if you are creating brand awareness for a product to your clients using your wrapped car, you are targeting extra people inside that geographic demographic. It is called effortless advertising. 
  • Even though the preliminary expenses of traditional billboard advertising can be less expensive, you don’t have to pay more for your automobile because you’re using it for yourself or your business. There are no added expenses after the initial installation of a vehicle wrap. So after a while, your advertising method turns into a sunken fee that continues to generate revenue 

“if you compare the value of outdoor advertising vs. vehicle advertising, the better and more affordable option would be a vehicle wrap.” 

We’ve heard it again and again from our clients—not only is it vehicle advertising, but our vehicle wraps are low priced, and offer a way to get noticed to power sales.  If you compare the value of billboard advertising vs. vehicle advertising, the preferable and more excellent low-cost choice is vehicle wraps. 

Together with the 70,000 visual impressions according to today and their five-year sturdiness, vehicle wraps are one hundred percent removable. They help to shield paint, so while it’s time to retire a business automobile, you’ll gain a better resale cost. Even as it is true, a billboard in a famous urban center will get observed, after some time, the number of “unique” or “first time” visuals will start to drop. Folks who drive the same course every day are used to seeing the billboard and will brush aside it thoroughly. 

Alternatively, beautiful, eye-catching vehicle graphics will get noticed over and over—especially because the routes these vehicles vary from daily and week to week—a brand new target audience is born every day! 

Consider the ones lovable little Red Bull cars, wrapped with advertisements whole with a can on the top. How about the branded employer vehicles that you see going about their way daily? 

How many of the advertising price ranges do you think are stored by way of having such a seen presence active out on the street? Well, that’s what mobile advertisements target to do. Vehicle Wraps are a very underused technique of promoting business. Why not promote your business and make money while doing something you already do? Drive. 

Which one is best for your business? 

In our opinion, vehicle wraps are a first choice. After all, they’re our specialty and it has been proven over time with actual data showing the greater return on investment compared to other kinds of conventional outside advertising.  

If you consider that each time one of your employees drives on the street, even if its a short trip around the block. They are marketing your business to the local community; you will soon start to recognize the vehicle wrap potential to increase your margins. 

Radio commercials, social media ads, letterbox drops, and advertisements in the neighborhood community paper all cost money. Every time you want to place another ad, it costs you more money. As soon as you have bought it for your vehicle, that’s all you pay with vehicle wraps. Whenever your automobile is on the road, even parked in a lot, it’s advertising your business. Those advertisements are a way to increase your customer base, so it’s in reality well worth the funding for small business or even larger corporations who have a limited advertising budget. 

We can help you with eye-catching vehicle wraps. 

We are your local Print Service For Any Business Need In the Shreveport-Bossier Area. A family-owned and operated vehicle wrap vinyl and graphic corporation. We are a group of people who have a passion and willpower to help our customers find what they’re looking for – and occasionally even more. Our friendly customer service experienced vinyl installation team, and talented in-house designers crew up to work with our customers to produce alluring car wraps. 


As mentioned, vehicle wraps are a mobile billboard that offers comparable awareness. However, they fluctuate to a long-time or brief-time period marketing. We suggest investing in a vehicle wraps that offer multiple locations for advertising over a static billboard that has a cap on awareness. Moving billboards work better for developing a buzz on new campaigns or product launches inside a brief period.