Custom Flags

Advertising can be difficult when you have a small budget. But…there’s a way. And that’s getting your commercial flag printed right here in Shreveport Bossier City Louisiana. Custom advertising flags are a great way to increase awareness for your business, and to simply catch the attention of potential customers.

Custom Flag Printing

In Shreveport Bossier City

Blade flags convex flags in shreveport bossier city

Blade Flags

Large Blade Flags – Our designer blade flags(also known as Convex Flags) flags are printed on 100% polyester fabric using our state of the art direct sublimation printer, hand sewn and finished.

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Feather Flags

Feather flags are perfect for outdoor and indoor signage. Guaranteed to bring attention to your business, product or if you're running a promotion. Our feather flags are made from a weather resistant, polyester material. It's extremely durable, making it perfect for using outdoors.

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Standard Flags

Advertising with Standard Flags is a little cheaper to get by, as opposed to advertising with the traditionally larger flag sizes, but still doesn't mean you can't get your message across.

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Swooper flags in shreveport bossier city

Swooper Flags

Swooper Flags - Gain exposure without wrapping around the flag pole, and assembly is easy. Available hardware with a ground stake kit to fit to your pole set. Swooper Flags are great for windy areas. Perfect for real estate flags, car dealership flags, apartment flags, etc..

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U.S. and State Flags

Show off your patriotism and state pride with an awesome U.S. and State Flag. Perfect for schools, homes, businesses, etc..

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Vertical Flags

Vertical Flags - Perfect for any business. Place one at your entrance, in your lot, or wherever you need to get your message across—vertical flags do an excellent job of grabbing the attention of anyone who passes by. All your customers need is an invitation, and vertical flag signage will do the trick.

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Need a design for your flag project?

Certus Direct offers professional graphic design services guaranteed to delivery stunning results for your custom flag project.

Flag accessories • Flag pole kits • Flag poles

Flag Hardware

Convex flag pole kit in shreveport bossier city

Convex Flag Pole Kit

Full Kit Includes Pole And Ground Spike. Available sizes: Large (15'), Medium (11'), Small (8')

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Flex Pole Set – Convex Poles

Flex Pole Set – Convex Poles Without Ground Stake. Available sizes: Large (15'), Medium (11'), Small (8')

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Folding flag base in shreveport bossier city

Folding Flag Base

Folding Flag Base (Works With 5.5M Flag Pole)

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Ground Stake Flag Pole Kit

Ground Stake For Use With 3.5M & 4.5M Pole

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Swooper flag pole kit in shreveport bossier city

Swooper Flag Pole

Complete hardware kit for our Swooper Flag Pole.

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Swooper Ground Stake

Order a replacement ground stake for you Swooper Flag Pole.

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Out of Home Advertising

What can custom flags do for your business?

Business owners spend 70% of their time away from home, and roughly 17,600 minutes driving each year. Brands that advertise on all channels of media see better results.

Here are the numbers

After seeing an Out of Home advertisement for a SALE SPECIAL…

Visited an advertised business
Immediately visited an advertised business
Visited an advertised business's website


Before anything else let’s clear up the confusion that may exist around the different phrases used for this and similar banner types. The terms “feather banner” and “flag banner” or even “feather flag banner” are all interchangeable. The use of these terms is usually dictated by who is speaking and their preference or habit of calling them one or the other. In terms of functionality, pricing, etc. these terms all mean the same to us. For simplicity sake we just use “feather flag”.

There is a difference between other types of banners that we offer and you can learn more about these on their respective product pages: teardrop flags, (closest to feather flags but slightly different shape), standard banners, fabric banners, and retractable banners.

The differences between the two most similar flag options that can be quickly noted are that the feather flag we offer is a little more free flowing than the teardrop flag which is more taut and stretched out when secured to its flagpole. Further, the design surface area of the feather flag is also larger than the teardrop of a similar size.

The feather flag is made from a lightweight, 3.39 oz. polyester material. This material, which has a plastic-like property, allows for flexibility and durability of the product. The flagpole is made from a lightweight aluminum, which adds to the versatility of this unique banner.

Assuming proper care and storing, the banner will last 2+ years. Exposure to the sun or harsh elements may diminish the quality of the banner faster than if the banner was placed away from those conditions. Please see below for a more detailed look at how the element may affect your banner.

If the banner is placed in direct sunlight, the banner will end up fading over time. Though, this will require a prolonged period of direct sunlight. In almost all cases this shouldn’t be a concern over the short or medium term.

We print all of our banners in full color, which means that no matter how many colors you choose to include in your design, it will not increase the cost of your order. Design services are also free of charge if you are needing free design help. The things that will impact your final cost will be the size you select, the quantity, the type of stand, any applicable tax and shipping.

Assembling the feather flag is straightforward. When assembling the flag, take the largest pole, which will be the bottom of the finished flagpole, and insert the second largest pole into the end with the silver tip. Continue placing poles in decreasing size until you place the smallest pole, the one with the small knob at the end. This will be the top of your completed flagpole. Now you’re ready to place the flag onto the pole by sliding the pole through the bottom pocket of the flag. Make sure you take your time sliding the pole through the pocket to avoid possible stretching or tearing of the material or unwanted bending of the pole.

Once the flag material is attached to the pole, it’s time to insert it into either the ground stake or one of the available base options. After inserting the pole into the stake or base, take the small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the small loop at the bottom of the flag material. Now that the cord is through the loop, insert the cord into the metal ring at the bottom of the flagpole. Tie a knot, securing your flag and pole together. Now you’re ready to place your assembled flag either in or on the ground.

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