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Vinyl signs. Simply put…indoor and outdoor signage is cost-effective and can become a spotlight for your local business in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA. The key to a successful indoor, or outdoor, custom sign is to simply do it right.

Sign Printing in Shreveport-Bossier City

Printing custom signs is great for outdoor events, in-store promotions, menus, product spotlights, tradeshow booths, etc..

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79% of Americans will remember a business because of the sign design.

Custom sign printing in Shreveport Bossier City

Need a design for your sign project?

Certus Direct offers professional graphic design services guaranteed to delivery stunning results for your sign project.

Business Signs Options

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Here we answer some of the more common questions regarding our awesome signs. Think we need to add to our FAQ? Let us know!

Aluminum Signs

Our aluminum signs are 3mm. They are made up of two .008” aluminum sheets and a solid polyethylene core. In our experience the 3mm aluminum signs are extremely durable and sufficiently thick for nearly all uses. Notwithstanding, if you are interested in thicker aluminum signs please contact us for a custom quote.

No, our standard aluminum signs are not reflective. If your application requires reflective material it will be an additional cost.

We offer a number of standard sizes including: 6″ x 18″, 6″ x 24″, 18″ x 24″, 2’ x 1’, 2′ x 2′, 4’ x 2’, 4′ x 4′, 6’ x 3’, 4′ x 8′. The only dimension restrictions are 4” on the low end and 96” on the high end. Further, the absolute biggest sign that can be made is 48” x 96”.

With proper care and placement your custom aluminum signs should last a minimum of five or more years.

Yes, any of our aluminum signs can be custom cut. We call these cuts “Contour Cut” and “Halo Cut”. Contour cut will mean that is cut or routed to the exact shape of your design. Halo will but cut/routed to your shape but will leave a small border around the edge of the design.

Aluminum signs are one of the best and most versatile outdoor signage options there is. Common uses for aluminum signs include parking and traffic signage, real estate and property management signs, directional signage, no trespassing, smoking and other regulatory signs, safety and caution signs, warehouse and manufacturing signs, permanent retail signs, exhibits and kiosks, restroom signs, home and garden signage, pool and beware of dog signs and many other uses. In addition to these uses. many businesses use them as exterior signage at the business’ location.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is not glass but a hard plastic. While it is a lightweight yet durable sign, it is not shatterproof. Acrylic signs are generally used indoors but can be used outside as well. Acrylic or polyacrylate (a type of plastic) is simply the type of the material itself. Different brands including Plexiglas, Perspex and Lucite are all in fact acrylic but carry their own brand name. Thus, acrylic (signs) is the same thing as plexiglass (signs). There are some types of acrylic which are different including Lexan. Lexan (a polycarbonate) is used as bullet-proof glass.

Our acrylic signs are .125” or approximately 3 mm thick, 6mm (1/4” or .25”), and 3/16”. Please contact us for a quote and any additional help needed to order these signs. The thicker acrylic signs are heavier and more durable, but also more expensive.

We provide standoffs for your custom acrylic signs as an additional option. Typical standoffs themselves are .5” in diameter and 3/4” in length.

Yes. Our acrylic signs can have polished edges so long as they are under 48″.

Acrylic signage can be used in a variety of ways. The most common uses include internal signs in office settings including room plaque and number signs, receptionist areas, building directories, etc. Acrylic signs are also often used for exterior purposes including business signage in commercial business parks and entrance signs. They also look great in professional service settings such as dentist, physician/doctor, lawyer, and accountant’s offices due to their aesthetic appeal and professional look.

Plastic Signs

Our plastic signs are an acid-free, closed-cell, expanded plastic, high-density made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC), a type plastic that comes from naturally occurring organic compounds. It is a hard plastic but is simultaneously eco friendly and can be recycled. So not only can you buy an affordable exterior plastic sign but you can rest assured it’s environmentally friendly.

Our plastic signs can be used for many of the same uses as our other exterior signs, dibond and aluminum, are used for. This includes property management, real estate, directional, publicly administered parks and trails, safety, regulatory and even surveillance signs. They also work great for the exterior of businesses and even in rural residential settings as an affordable yet durable signage solution. Interior options include point of purchase (POP) displays, trade show signage and more.

With proper care and maintenance your plastic sign can last 5 or more years. With outdoor placement in which the sign will be constantly exposed to the elements, especially if the elements are harshly cold or hot, the lifespan may be shortened.

Your plastic signs can be any of our standard sizes offered (12″ x 12″, 24″ x 12″, 36″ x 18″, 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′) or any custom or personalized size you might need. Your sign simply needs to be no smaller than 4″ x 4″ and no bigger than 48″ x 96″. These are the minimum and maximum sizes respectively for any plastic sign.

Yard Signs

Our yard signs are made of corrugated plastic. The corrugated plastic is industry standard and is 4 millimeters (.157 inches) thick. This material provides an excellent combination of affordability and durability. For those looking for hard plastic or metal yard signs we would recommend our rigid plastic signs or aluminum materials. These materials can be displayed in a variety of ways and offer a more permanent signage solution.

Corrugated plastic is what almost all lawn signs are made of. Other names for the same materials include corplast, coroplast, and sometimes even plastic cardboard.

Technically speaking, it is a twinwall plastic that has fluting in the middle of two plastic sheets. Corrugated plastic is often made from polypropylene. Other uses of polypropylene beyond signage include reusable packaging, plastic containers, pet cages and more.

Yes, we offer wire stakes (also called h-frames or step stakes) with our yard signs. These terms are actually interchangeable and simply refer to the metal frame that can be used to post the sign on soft surfaces such as lawns. The width of these frames (10”) actually dictates that your sign be at least 10” wide. These stakes or frames are made from 9 gauge steel.

Yes, our pricing reflects any kind of bulk purchasing starting at 2 signs. Assuming all of your signs are exactly the same. For extremely large orders please contact us to inquire about the potential of further discounts.

The most common size of yard sign is 24” x 18”. This is the size of most political yard signs. Other commons sizes include 24” x 12”, 18” x 12”, 36” x 18” and 2’ x 2’, 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’.

Reviews from Happy Customers

Martin S.
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I was visiting Shreveport from Midland, TX attempting to complete an overdue project. The project required extensive vinyl wrapping which was going to be completed upon returning to west Texas, and would set the project back even further. We visited Certus Direct, and the Production Manger, Daniel Petruska, took a look at my design and said he could complete the project for us the next day. He found time in his schedule, printed our graphics and applied them the next day, to his word. Not only did he save us and helped us recoup some lost project time, but the work was amazing. I would gladly make the 520 mile trip again to have Daniel do more work for my company.
Kyle B.
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I needed a quick turnaround for a custom flag project. Certus hooked me up with a custom design AND had it printed and ready for me next day. Highly recommend them.
Mary T.
Property Manager
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We love ordering from Certus! Great quality and quick turn around time.

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Custom Banners

in Shreveport Bossier City

Vinyl banners. Simply put…they’re cost-effective and become a spotlight for your local business in or near Shreveport-Bossier City, LA. The key to a successful indoor, or outdoor, custom banner is to simply do it right.

Banner Printing in Shreveport-Bossier City

Custom printed banners is great for outdoor events, in-store promotions, menus, product spotlights, tradeshow booths, etc..

Retractable banner printing in Shreveport Bossier City

Need a design for your banner project?

Certus Direct offers professional graphic design services guaranteed to delivery stunning results for your banner project.

Custom Banner Options

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Banners FAQ

Here we answer some of the more common questions regarding our awesome banners. Think we need to add to our FAQ? Let us know!

No! We print banners in full color. Full color banners include unlimited color, text, graphics and images.

We can print vinyl banners seamless up to 8 feet by 150 feet. If you need special sizing or large quantities, please contact us for a special custom quote.

Our vinyl banners are finished with metal grommets in every corner and at intervals of 2-4 feet around the perimeter of the banner. You can use bungee cords, zip ties or ropes to hang your banner on buildings or between poles. It is extremely important that you use all the grommets that are supplied on the banner for fastening. The banner material is very strong, but only using a portion of the grommets may cause undue stress and cause the grommets to get torn out.

We also do custom finishing with pole pockets or ropes. Please contact us for more information on these finishing options.

If your banner will be used for a tradeshow or display, check out our banner stands!

Our most common material is 13 oz vinyl. We also have a 10 oz economy vinyl, 15 oz economy double-sided vinyl, and our 18 oz double-sided vinyl. We also offer mesh banners, fabric banners and canvas banners.

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